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Challenges with legacy mainframe UI

Legacy applications, often constructed decades ago using languages like Cobol, have demonstrated their efficiency and alignment with business needs.

However, their reliance on text-based input is a significant barrier. Users are required to memorize a multitude of codes and navigate fixed complex screens without error. While this system suits long-term employees, new staff members and external business partners find themselves needing extensive training and exhaustive documentation to navigate this complex landscape.

So why do many 3270 applications still rely on green screens?

modernize mainframe UI with Virtel Screen Redesigner

The complex task of IBM 3270 legacy application modernization

Redeveloping a legacy application is an undertaking with significant financial implications, risks, and time constraints.

Creating a modern web user interface typically requires a partnership between web developers, who are well versed in web technologies and techniques, and mainframe developers/programmers/analysts, who have intimate understanding of the application and user requirements but often lack the necessary web development skills.

Orchestrating these very diverse skill sets translates into complex, time-consuming projects that require meticulous execution.

The question arises: How can mainframe developers be empowered to make modernization improvements without embarking on a major redevelopment project?

Virtel Screen Redesigner, the no-code way to create a modern web interface for legacy applications

Virtel Screen Redesigner is a powerful UI modernization solution that addresses these challenges head on. It enables mainframe programmers to create modern webpage representations of 3270 screens, transforming them into a visually appealing and understandable user interface, without the need for web programming skills.

Virtel Screen Redesigner provides a practical method for modernizing large 3270 applications, with hundreds or thousands of similar screens. Automation is central to this process, as it is impractical to convert each screen one at a time.
The platform enables the creation of reusable modernization templates that can be applied to multiple screens.

Virtel Screen Redesigner requires no changes to the application code and allows for a phased roll-out, starting with the most frequently used 3270 screens. It allows users to choose between the new web UI version or the familiar green screen interface, ensuring a smooth user transition experience.

Key features of Virtel Screen Redesigner include:

  • - Intuitive drag-and-drop interface design
  • - One-click live preview of modernized results
  • - Runs on the mainframe : no external server required

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modernize mainframe UI with Virtel Screen Redesigner

Legacy application modernization in practice

Watch our demo about Virtel Screen Redesigner!

A presentation of Virtel Screen Redesigner:

What does it do? How does it work?

  • - Overview of the application
  • - See the editor in action
  • - Live creation of a template
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MARSH journey:
Modernizing mainframe interfaces with Virtel Screen Redesigner

«Traditional green screens are complex for new users. There is a growing demand for a more modern interface. VSR has enabled us to avoid a complete and costly overhaul of the system, while leveraging the usability and performance of our current technology. In just 3 months, we were able to improve the user experience by transforming the aesthetics of over 1,200 screens and integrating key functionality such as SSO».

Olivier VanDromme, IT Director Marsh

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