Virtel : IBM 3270 emulator

Mainframe software with web based technology delivering secured access to your IBM 3270 applications from anywhere :

Secure and simplify access

With Virtel Web Access, simplify the deployment and support of TN3270 access, with integrated security.

Access IBM 3270 applications from anywhere

Allow all kinds of users to access legacy applications using a simple web browser, wherever they are, while keeping TN3270 look and feel

Eliminate Java and HLLAPI

The Virtel 3270 Emulator relies on standard web technology and suppresses the need to maintain Java and HLLAPI compliance.

Replace costly session manager

Use the multi-window capacity of standard web browsers combined with inbuilt Virtel 3270 Emulator functions, to completely replace mainframe session managers.


Download free trial version of our 3270 emulator :
Virtel Web Access, mainframe software.

Virtel free trial version:
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