Mainframe systems dedicated solutions

Discover the web-enablement solutions provided by Virtel, from simple terminal emulation to integration of legacy applications to web applications or hybrid clouds.

Virtel offers a step-by-step modernization path for all user interfaces to 3270 applications. This starts with the replacement of terminal emulation and session managers, using the Virtel core Web Access software. Virtel Screen Redesigner and Virtel Integration features will then provide developers with simple tools and interfaces to web-enable their applications and make them interact with other web services.

3270 terminal emulator

Extend 3270 application screens to thin-client web browsers over a secure TCP/IP connection, without changing the user experience:

  • secure and simplify access
  • access from anywhere
  • eliminate Java and HLLAPI dependencies
  • replace session manager
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3270 modernization

Easily transform the user interfaces to CICS, IMS or Natural 3270 applications using unique Ajax-based HTML/Javascript presentation templates:

  • web-enable mainframe applications
  • generate web-friendly user interfaces (GUIs)
  • develop modernization templates
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3270 integration

Reinstate legacy applications at the heart of the information system by dynamically implementing inbound and outbound connections to modern business applications:

  • deploy a Service Oriented Architecure
  • expose and consume web services
  • customize business applications
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