Replace both your TN3270 Emulator and your Session Manager

Forget about TN3270 emulators and replace session managers with Virtel Web Access: a full web 3270 emulator

It relies on Virtel’s graphical Application Selection Menu and on the multi-windows capability of user’s web browsers

showing TN3270 emulator

Save Money

Session Managers are costly and sometimes outdated tools, often contractually bundled with other software products. Virtel Web Access allows you to replace both at the same time and save on licensing and maintenance without changing the look and feel for users.

showing TN3270 emulator

Simplify and rationalize your infrastructure

Replacing TN3270 emulators and session managers in a single tool allows you to simplify your software suite. In addition, Virtel design allows you to improve security and the quality of service provided to users.

showing TN3270 emulator

Join dozen of large companies

Our experts have been developing our solutions since 1993. They are trusted by more than 500 companies worldwide, many of which have successfully eliminated their session manager and realized significant savings. Find out how AG2R LA MONDIALE, a leading French insurance company, uses Virtel.

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