VitalSigns for IP (VIP)

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Performance monitoring for z/OS communications server and mainframe IP network

Robust, reliable, and easy-to-use IP monitor for mainframes, z/OS Communications Server, and TCP/IP networks, VitalSigns for IP empowers organizations to proactively resolve network problems: increase throughput and availability, speed-up response-times, reduce network outages and exceed service-level agreement.

VitalSigns for IP (VIP) meets all of your TCP/IP monitoring needs with a single solution by providing IP network monitoring, Enterprise Extender monitoring, OSA monitoring, FTP monitoring, network history reporting, verifying service-level agreements. VIP can trigger automatic repairs by sending alerts to its companion product, VitalSigns for Network Automation and Control (VNAC).

Detect, diagnose, resolve, and prevent mainframe TCP/IP problems on z/OS networks

VitalSigns for IP (VIP) provides real-time graphic displays of z/OS TCP/IP network health and traffic at common desktop browsers.

  • Extremely efficient monitoring; very low CPU demand.
  • Simple to learn and use: let the help desk diagnose trouble in real time.
  • No blind spots: VIP monitors the entire network in full detail.
  • You get performance data and trouble alerts in genuine real-time.
  • Provides easy access to graphic history data charts and/or tables.

VitalSigns for IP (VIP) provides HTTP performance and response-time monitoring!  See response times for all HTTP connections and users.

  • Display response times, numbers of connections, and data-transfer rates immediately, in real-time.
  • Chart response times and traffic volumes over the long term.
  • Get alerts by email if response times degrade.

It’s all about the applications!

Even the remote applications… printers, servers, socket app’s. If applications aren’t working, network speed doesn’t matter. VitalSigns for IP can report what applications are running and who is using them. If any piece goes missing, VIP will alert you. Printers and servers may be outside of the mainframe and outside of your turf, but when the mainframe can’t reach them, the users call you.

VIP server runs on z/OS

Typically, VIP monitoring Agents on any number of z/OS systems deliver their monitoring data to a single VIP Server. The VIP Server, in turn, delivers the z/OS data to VIP users at desktop web browsers. The VIP Server most often runs on a z/OS system, via Unix System Services (USS).
In alternative configurations, VIP Agents might report to multiple VIP Servers, because the redundancy insures against breakdown. And VIP Servers can run outside of z/OS: they install equally well on Unix, Linux, or Windows machines.