Virtel Web Access: A full browser-based 3270 emulator and session manager

Replace outdated TN3270 emulator: adopt a modern and fully-secured 3270 emulator

Virtel 3270 emulator extends legacy applications such as CICS, IMS, Natural and TSO to thin-client web browsers over secure HTTPS connections, without changing the user experience:

  • Virtel 3270 emulator converts IBM 3270 applications screens into web pages with same look and behaviour.
  • Virtel 3270 emulator allows navigation to remain PFK-based: virtual PFKs are served to mobile device
  • Data is entered in the form expected by IBM 3270 applications
  • Nothing to install or support outside the mainframe

This makes Virtel 3270 emulator a natural upgrade from traditionnal (and often outdated) TN3270 emulator solutions.

Download free trial version of our 3270 emulator :
Virtel Web Access, mainframe software.

Virtel free trial version: 3270 emulator download

Virtel benefits

Virtel’s thin-client two-tier architecture simplifies the deployment and support compared to client or middle-tier server based products. There is nothing to install or support outside the mainframe: no client apps and no additional servers. Installation and support are 100% host-based, users simply point their web browsers to an installation-defined URL to reach the logon menu.

  • Lower installation and support costs, resulting in a low TCO
  • No middle-tier servers to purchase, configure, monitor, balance, or support
  • No additional licensing fees to comply with new technology implementations or OS upgrades
  • Opportunity to eliminate costly VPN and session manager solutions

Classic TN3270 emulator solutions typically rely on HLLAPI or Java technology. Instead, Virtel relies on standard web technology (HTTPS, HTML, JavaScript): it will work instantly with any web browser running on any web-enabled device, available today or tomorrow.

Virtel supports BYOD and mobile access initiatives: thanks to its compliance with standard Web technology (HTTPS, HTML, JavaScript), the legacy application emulated web pages it serves can be rendered using any OS (all versions of Windows, Linux/AIX clients…) and any mobile device (tablets, smartphones), including Apple products.

Virtel complies with UTF-16 specifications, allowing global deployments in countries using DBCS workstations like Japan, China, or Russia.

Virtel combines industry-standard mainframe and IP security with a proprietary token-based security system: customers no longer need a VPN connection to secure their mainframe access.

Also, Virtel’s application selection menu (together with the multi-windows capability of web browsers) provides simple multi-session functionality; some Virtel customers have already got ridden of their session manager tool.

These Virtel functionalities allow significant savings in licensing and support costs.

The same Virtel core technology used to serve TN3270 screens as web pages can also be used to:

* These functionalities require Virtel Web Modernization and/or Virtel Web Integration license upgrades.

Why replace your TN3270 Emulator ?

  • Stop running multiple TN3270 emulator products for mainframe access.
  • Avoid using outdated and therefore unsecured TN3270 emulator.
  • Simplify and consolidate the administration of IBM 3270 applications access
  • Replace your session manager
  • Simple and straightforward deployment.
  • Virtel Web Access runs entirely on the mainframe so the only need is a browser to access mainframe apllication.