Is your legacy mainframe software slowing
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Virtel is your all-in-one mainframe modernization solution


New! Virtel Screen Redesigner

An innovative solution to modernise the interface of your 3270 applications:

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Virtel Web Suite

An efficient and highly scalable solution that extends the life and usability of legacy mainframe business applications, while saving money and simplifying your infrastructure

Virtel Web Access a 3270 terminal emulator, acces your mainframe application from the web

Virtel Web Access: browser-based 3270 emulator

Forget about client-based TN3270 Emulators !

Virtel Web Access is a browser-based 3270 emulator that allows secure access to your IBM 3270 applications directly from your web browser (and yes, we mean any browser) on any web device.
There's absolutely nothing to install on the user's PC !

Virtel Web Access replaces outdated TN3270 terminal emulators, middle-tier servers, and expensive VTAM session managers to save money, simplify support, and improve mainframe security.

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Virtel Screen Redesigner: legacy application UI interface modernization

It’s time for greens screens to adopt web standards !

Create a modern web user interface (UI) experience with a no-code, drag-and-drop tool that requires no web technologies knowledge.

Virtel Screen Redesigner transforms IBM 3270 application screens into modern webpages without touching any application code.

It's the perfect tool to extend legacy applications to users who aren't familiar with TN3270 ergonomics. Expand the usability and extend the life of your legacy applications and investments.

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VIRTEL WEB MODERNIZATION : Legacy Application Modernization
Legacy Application Integration with web apps

Virtel Web Integration: legacy application integration with cloud apps

Bridge the gap between IBM 3270 and web applications !

Virtel Web integration creates interactive, bi-directional connections that integrate the mainframe with web and server applications using standard web services protocols and formats.

Whether exposing mainframe data and business logic through legacy 3270 applications or COMMAREA screenless transactions, Virtel Web Integration produces a highly scalable and resilient application integration result

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Low impact and low risk : no change to your IBM 3270 applications code

Simplified infrastructure: no hardware or software to be deployed on user device

High performance: small host footprint for highly scalable solutions

High ROI: host-centric configuration and support lowers TCO

Virtel Web Integration

Our commitment to your security

Virtel's unique architecture protects it from attacks on both fronts : web and mainframe !

Virtel leverages IBM’s AT-TLS capabilities within z/OS and the web browser’s security stack to produce SSL-encrypted 3270 connections, making Virtel continuously compliant with the most current industry-standard security levels. Virtel supports all Single Sign-On (SSO) gateways.

Virtel Web Suite fully supports TLS 1.2 and 1.3.

Virtel has its own internal security system, which can function on its own, but can just as easily interact with the leading mainframe application security tools on the market, such as RACF, TOP-SECRET, and ACF2. For platforms using RACF and TOP-SECRET, Virtel is compatible with PassTicket generation.

Virtel Web Secure access to your 3270 mainframe application
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500 companies

14 countries

30 years of expertise

MARSH journey:
Modernizing mainframe interfaces with Virtel Screen Redesigner

«Traditional green screens are complex for new users. There is a growing demand for a more modern interface. VSR has enabled us to avoid a complete and costly overhaul of the system, while leveraging the usability and performance of our current technology. In just 3 months, we were able to improve the user experience by transforming the aesthetics of over 1,600 screens and integrating key functionality such as SSO».

Olivier VanDromme, IT Director Marsh

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"NRB implements Virtel to integrate Ethias' Legacy applications into their new Angular Web Portal"

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"Virtel allowed both our users and technical team to transition smoothly to the internet"

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"Virtel Web Access allows total freedom of choice for client workstation"

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"The solution provided by Virtel perfectly fits our requirements.
It is both performant and flexible : the average recorded response times are significantly lower than the required values"

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