Make your mainframe web compliant

SysperTec is an approved IBM System z Development Partner and member of the IBM Destination z Community.
As such, our technical teams have access to all necessary mainframe software environments, thus providing solutions from application and infrastructure modernization to z skills.

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We provide web-enabling mainframe applications, in a simple and efficient way.

Our core competency

The mainframe at the heart of your business-critical information system

Virtel provides superior terminal emulator, replacing products such as Attachmate Extra!®, Micro Focus Rumba®, or IBM Personal Communications®, to access legacy applications from anywhere, at any time and from any device with a high level of security.
Virtel opens IBM mainframe connectivity with TN3270 emulation, including features such as strong SSL/TLS encryption and session management, and is the perfect alternative for your current IBM Host Access emulators.

Virtel can also help you implement legacy modernization projects in a very simple way, preserving the investment made in business-critical applications. With proven modernization and integration skills, as well as over 20 years of experience, we can design a solution that will reduce costs, increase flexibility and reinstate the mainframe at the heart of your future information system.