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Webisode Series on digital transformation and mainframe

Within only a few years, Amazon, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and the likes have fundamentally disrupted established markets and captured major market shares from industry leaders. They did it by relying on agile, web-based technology and by thinking outside the box to reinvent the customer service and underlying business processes from scratch

Now every organizations must follow suit and engage in the comprehensive digital transformation of their customer service and business processes to preempt similar attacks from agile, web-savvy, customer-focused newcomers, and to capture market share from less-agile competitors.

The mainframe transformation challenge :

For businesses relying on legacy mainframe applications for core transaction processing, it is quite challenging to transition from screen UIs, legacy architectures, on-premises systems and waterfall development to web UIs, API-driven microservices, cloud and agile development, at a time when the pool of mainframe application specialists is aging and shrinking.

A pragmatic solution:

This comprehensive video series will provide a practical approach for businesses to integrate mainframe applications within their digital transformation plan, allowing businesses to capitalize on opportunities now without undergoing costly, major overhauls. Agile solutions will be suggested to rapidly modernize the mainframe access infrastructure, terminal emulation, user interfaces, and the integration of mainframe and web applications through interactive bidirectional API-based services.